We all know – by God! – that the job of “public health” is to “protect” the health of the citizens, whether that health is really in danger or not. Ok, now let’s talk about reality. This video is recommended viewing.

One of the many prongs of the international antismoking fraud’s arguments is that cigarettes are a fire hazard. Indeed, if not used prudently, they may be – but so is hot oil in a forgotten fry pan when it reaches the flash point. If “public health” were to be consistent with the rhetoric it vomits every day, it should rush to regulate that too – better yet, impose some sort of fire-safe oil. Don’t smile, they will do that too as soon as they get around to it, since their power seems to be unlimited and unchecked.

Back to the smokes. Since there is a slim possibility of fire – and in keeping with the zero tolerance/risk/intelligence religion – it seems “logical” that the pyrophobes of public health should demand that even cigarettes be fire-safe.

How is a cigarette made “fire-safe”? The answer is simple: by altering its chemical composition with the use of additives. Let us remember that the antismoking fanatics attack the tobacco industry on the basis of mysterious “additives” that are not really mysterious because any lab can find out, and they are not really harmful either – unless you believe that cocoa or similar substances are harmful. Strangely enough, however, the antismoking activists and their “public health” friends are totally silent on fire-safe cigarettes, which are loaded with unnecessary toxins to make them… fire-safe? How fire-safe can a cigarette be if it has a hot tip that could fall on the floor?

Now, please let’s go back to the postulation that the job of public health is to protect the health of citizens. Let’s see how ridiculous that postulation really is, especially when it comes to smokers.

Where are the concerns about additives in the case of "fire-safe" cigarettes? How come the public health “authorities” are silent on this? Where are the antismoking groups that claim to “worry” about the “health” of their victims while really worrying only about their grants?

This video explains how cigarettes are made “fire-safe”. It was made by a roll-your-own cigarette company called Custom Blends, and our adversaries will dismissively claim that this constitutes a special interest that renders their points unworthy of consideration. We think the points should be considered on their merits and be the start of further investigations.

Certainly, it would be nice if the “authorities” would come forward and say that what they have imposed by law — namely the "fire-safe cigs" — harms health. But that never happen for obvious reasons.

For now, defend yourself: DO NOT BUY fire-safe cigarettes. If they are the only “choice” available, buy roll-your-own or contraband instead. Watch this video to learn why. Remember: those who have mandated "fire-safe" cigarettes are the same breed that held back the safe cigarette for 30 years to push the prohibition/smoking cessation pharmaceutical agenda. Those people have no credibility and deserve no respect.



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