Amongst the many disgusting things that the fraud-based and morally twisted tobacco control movement is capable of, two take the prize.

The first one concerns the exploitation of the emotional despair of smoking parents who lost their children to SIDS – making them feel as they are killers while absolutely they are not.

The other is the abuse of elderly smokers, forcing them to go outside of nursing homes and often in subzero temperatures to smoke a cigarette — as this new piece from C.A.G.E. Canada points out — using the fraudulent dangers of passive smoking as an excuse.

Tobacco control is populated by people who only deserve contempt and jail. The supreme and incendiary twist is that these people, who mainly populate the ministries of “health” and large areas of the bureaucratic underworld, want to make a moral point! And the point is that there is no room for smokers in the New Order, no matter who they are or what they have done. They don’t deserve compassion or any treatment that may be misconstrued as tolerance. Zero tolerance, in fact, is anti-tobacco’s ideology.

And zero tolerance they deserve: this letter from CAGE sent to the Ottawa Citizen (the paper that reports the story – stored link here) was, of course, not published. Why? Simple, here is a paragraph: “It is time citizens get mad, very mad, and express it loudly and clearly. It is time that citizens serve the same treatment and show those self-righteous zealots that make it a lucrative business to mind other people’s business, the door leading out of our personal lives and into the elements of the real world to earn their pay.”

That could stimulate citizens to take their government in their own hands as they should, which is not at all what “public health” wants. Health first of all; real freedom, never.



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