The unfortunate Canadian nation is continuing its march towards repression, oppression, total control and fundamental moral inversion. Here are the latest examples – and warnings to other countries. Part 1 of 3.

A silent city

The Orwellian world of the future does not have to be just smokeless, drinkless, and "foodless": it has to be completely sterile – just like the squalid values and mentality of those who run society. It is to be a world with little or no cars, pristine atmosphere that absolutely no one can use except for breathing, and where state-controlled industrisies are run by committee and only for the goods established by the state and by the Ministry of Love, AKA Ministry of Health. It also has to be a silent world, too. The joy of celebrating life with simple pleasures such as smoking and drinking and some loud music is to be suppressed, repressed and controlled. Such joy "bothers" those who, incapable of feeling it, are envious of it – the flat, squalid ones who know how to cry well, and thus obtain from the Motherland.

That is the case (but not limited to) with Edmonton Alberta, where the war on fun and on the joy of living is in high gear. And let it be clear that Edmonton is not "just" an isolated case, but is representative of a trend.

"People whose evenings are disturbed by loud stereos or untidy neighbours will finally be able to get immediate help under a plan to put bylaw officers on Edmonton streets during nights and weekends. Enforcement staff now work primarily during regular business hours, but a proposal approved by council’s community services committee Monday calls for hiring an extra 15 people to improve service. This plan would make staff, including 10 new uniformed officers." So, as you see, it is enough to say that you are "disturbed" by someone else’s joy for the strong arm of the state to come down on the perpetrators, warning them at first, and then fining them, punishing them. No need for you to face your neighbours and have the courage to ask them to turn down their stereo a bit. You can be a perfect coward and still obtain the perfect peace of the grave you desire while you are still living (or so you believe).

Let it be clear that complaining does not work unless you complain about the "right" things — that is, those things that can be repressed. It would be useless to complain about your inability to have a party and some fun, to smoke a cigarette, or to have a drink. It would be even more useless to complain about your children being taught too much false information on smoking and food, and far too little geography and math. Those are not "good" complaints, and the strong arm of the state is no longer at the service of liberty but at that of its nemesis. Don’t look for help from your oppressor unless you are willing to side with him first.

In a continent where 50% of the population does not know that the Earth rotates around the Sun, it is only natural that health becomes the paramout value of society to which all is to adapt. As we know, ignorance is excellent for cultivating submission and obedience through superstitions and repression, and for the worshiping of the number zero: zero threshold, zero tolerance, zero exposure; zero smoking, zero drinking, zero fat.

The last part of the article tells tales about "public health" running politics and estetics: mandatory littering and graffiti removal in the area in front of real estate owners (what Edmontons recieve for their taxes is a mistery), and the complaint that the new fascist law proposal does not contain the prohibition on spitting, induced by the smoking ban. Instead of removing the smoling ban because it "causes" spitting, every idiot will agree that we have to forbid spitting too.

It all boils down to a complete inversion of the concept of democratic freedom. In a free country, only the citizens can "make" the government do something. But in the cozy security of dictatorship (individual or by committee) it is the other way around. Let’s face it, folks: unless you abondon cowardice and you are prepared to use the physical force it takes, the future in front of you is a bright, fascist one. Enjoy!



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