The unfortunate Canadian nation is continuing its march of repression, oppression, total control and fundamental moral inversion. Here are the latest examples – and warnings to other countries. Part 2 of 3.

Working on the extinction of "Niggers"

Yes, yes, we use the "N" word. But we cannot think of anything more appropriate to describe smokers today – and we like to use appropriate terms when we can, even if they are ugly and don’t not fit political correctness, about which we don’t give a damn in the first place.

The Neo-Nazi Canadian state is not happy with the number of Niggers (or you may call them Jews, or any other groups targeted for oppression, as you please) that are still infesting the Fatherland. Yes, eugenic programs have worked so well so far, and many Jews have switched religion, passing from that of liberty and choice to that of "public health". That has been achieved by "making it difficult" to practice the choice of smoking. We have to admit that, unfortunately, many of the oppressed have listened to – and even embraced – the Nationalsocialist health doctrine, thus demonstrating the superiority of the joyless Master Race.

But why stop there? Why not go all the way? It would be illogical not to do so! Why not aspire to making those Nigger-Jews go the way of small pox? After all, we are "public health", and our eugenic ethos seeks sterilization.

Here we go, then: ‘Canada said on Monday that it aimed to bring the number of smokers down from 19 percent of the population to 12 percent by 2011, through tougher smoking bans and by clamping down on cigarette smuggling.” Reaching a 12 percent smoking rate is a very ambitious goal, but it is by no means unrealistic," said Health Minister Tony Clement.’

How wondefully these Nazis believe that they are entitled to condition personal behaviour! How marvellously do they think that they can design society! Thanks to the use of institutional frauds on passive smoking and to the blatantly indemonstrable false figure on smoking mortality, Canadian smokers can expect more Gestapo tactics, more conditioning of their children, fewer places to work and live (firingfrom employment and rental restrictions) if they chose to practice their way of life — and far, far more police state actions against the widespread cigarette contraband that plagues the country that was created by the war against tobacco in the first place. And the Canadian Ministry of Health Promotion – a name that is straight out of the Third Reich books – will not stop there either — unless it is stopped with the force it takes. Whining or writing petitions is useless.

On the other hand, the IV Canadian Health Reich has learned well from history and remembered that, after all, with the proper mass-psychology tactics and approach, its predecessor managed to orderly "shut down" six million Jews – which is just about the number of smoking Niggers in Canada today. There was no rebellion, no turmoil — just a well-aimed policy against self-esteem. It was done once, it can be done again. But, differently than the Third Reich, the Fourth Canadian Reich is not without compassion: it offers Niggers a chance to belong to the Master Race and to be able to work, rent apartments – even get medicare and avoid being spat on. All they have to do is change religion, way of life and personality — and adapt to the good ways of the contemporary Reich, the ways of Public Health. Doesn’t that fill your heart with Liberal pride? Should we say “thank you” or just "hail" to the Minister of Health promotion?…



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