The unfortunate Canadian nation is continuing its march of repression, oppression, total control and fundamental moral inversion. Here are the latest examples – and warnings to other countries. Part 3 of 3.


“In June, the City of Montreal tried its best to warn every man, woman, child, landlord, smoker and combination thereof that our dirty ways were about to be washed away like so many discarded Timmy’s cups. Landlords and shop owners had to clean their stoops or else; bar and restaurant owners better not leave their dumpsters open; and if smokers were caught tossing their butts onto the sidewalk, they’d have a lot more than a wet, pre-cancerous cough to worry about. Fines against individual litterbugs would start at $500; for commercial establishments, it can run into the thousands.”

Please note how promptly the author makes sure to reinforce the cancer-smoking BELIEF in face of the reality that lung cancer, in general, occurs to just 100 in 100,000 people (and usually over the age of 75), and for a combination of reasons that is impossible to quantify, where smoking is just one of the 40 suspected (but not scientifically confirmed) causes of cancer. But in a “health conscious” nation health — and the beliefs attached to it – are the paramount value of society, let’s never forget it. Let us set the record straight, therefore: coughing in a smoker (as in a non smoker) is almost NEVER a pre-cancerous condition, it is just… a cough. Don’t allow these superstitious fanatics to make you believe otherwise.

Having stated what must be stated, let’s light up a cigarette and read the rest – but first consider how far this obsession with health, safety and cleanliness has progressed, constantly fuelled by the Health Reich propaganda. Can you envision $500+ punishment because of an untidy shelf or a butt on the sidewalk? It is useless to wonder what happened to “punishment must fit the crime”, because that belongs to free and civilized nations. It is also true that in Nazi Germany, where every misdemeanour was brutally punished, the streets were clean and all was in order, festooned with the appropriate antismoking propaganda. The worshiping of health and order, along with the nearly absolute absence of crime, was therefore for the simple reason that criminals were promoted to positions of power — not much different than what is happening today. The more brutal you are, the bigger the lie, the more you thump of the bible of health, cleanliness and safety, the more you have the opportunity to make laws that control everyone else.

“But last week, Mayor Gérald Tremblay’s administration took a softer approach to getting smokers to clean up after themselves. It handed out 100,000 free pocket ashtrays, plastic pouches that can fit easily into a purse or pair of pants and can hold between five and seven butts. Light, compact and flexible, they are, says Tremblay aide Darren Becker, a reminder to smokers that they have to do their part in cleaning up. The ashtrays were made in China and cost $40,000. Whether smokers start using them remains to be seen, but the nice-guy tactic isn’t soothing some merchants, who say the ongoing cleanliness campaign is unfair and will ultimately prove to be ineffective.”

Forty thousand dollars of public money wasted in gadgets. To achieve what? The ultimate dream: absolute sterility. Sterility in natural behaviour, spontaneity, freedom, lifestyle, personal management. Surrender to the conviction that it is OK to behave as you are told – or else – because the else is for your own good, and for the good of the collective. Your life and your health must surrender to the collective because they are owned by the collective (which is the state). Next to the collective, your rights can exists IF and ONLY when they don’t clash with the ever-changing “needs” of the collective. Countries like that inevitably become factories of criminals – if for no other reason, because the laws are so many that you cannot move unless you break some.

Go ahead and dismiss these examples of mean-spirited and petty regulations and, once again, say that we are grossly exaggerating. Hah! Calling Nazis those who impose $500 plus fines for throwing a butt on the sidewalk? You are ridiculous! But images are made of pixels. And, if we desperately choose not to see the big picture, we can either choose to “interpret” it differently, or zoom in so that we can see only one pixel, and therefore dismiss it as such. But, whatever you choose to see or deny, that does not change what stands behind the picture, nor does it change the image itself. An image that, every day more, reminds us of a crosswhich is as crooked as the obsession with health and safety is.



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