Fear the Canadian “health” Gestapo. They mean business. The crime is tobacco! What are you prepared to do about it?…

That is the question that those in Canada who are not yet totally subjugated by the “public health” Gestapo should seriously ask themselves. Many in Canada say that “tobacco control is out of control”. That is an understatement.

Read this and vomit:

“It’s all caught on tape: a girl with long black hair, thick glasses, wearing a white top and black pants walks into a downtown convenience store carrying a medium cup from Tim Hortons. She takes a sip, buys a small red package of du Maurier Lights, takes another sip and walks out.


Within moments, tobacco enforcement inspector David Baines has charged into the store, citing violations: too few no-smoking signs, the colour scheme on a plastic clock is reminiscent of a Player’s ad and there are large cartons of cigarettes on the shelves – only small cartons are allowed.

Oh, and the store owner has just sold tobacco to a minor.”

Read again: it was not heroin, it wasn’t even marijuana. It was cigarettes, sold to a girl selected to look older for the purpose of entrapping citizens. In Canada entrapment should be illegal, but “public health” is above the law – to the point that it seems to be able to write its own. Apparently, in Canada one ounce of antismoking trash is heavier than 10 pounds of now worthless liberty. Also, Canadian merchants (especially convenience store managers) should make sure that objects in their stores do not have a colour scheme like that of the Players’ depicted here, or any other colour scheme that may remind people of the colour of a pack of cigarettes, or they may be subject to harassment, hatred and intimidation by the "public health" Gestapo pigs!

Also to be noted is the subtle gusto that seems to be reflected by the columnist – gotcha! Aahh!…

We "health" pigs mean business: we can’t even prove one death from smoking, but that does not matter. We brainwash kids and fill their heads with false information and hatred against smokers, then we teach them how to be spies and report to the State, so that the State can "straighten" up the “perpetrator”! As far as we are concerned, tobacco enforcement inspector David Baines (and especially what he represents) can take his no smoking signs and his "colour scheme" plastic clocks and shove them up where the sun does not shine, right along with the rest of the "public health" pigs.

The use of children as spies and instruments of state control has always been one of the most abominable practices that any dark regime could ever use. The practice was abhorred even in Mussolini’s Italy, Franco’s Spain and Pinochet’s Chile. When we had some moral integrity, children were punished for spying, no matter the reason. However, entrapment through children was used in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia – and that speaks volumes about the current ranking of Canada as a free nation.

There is no need to explain further the reasons for our contempt, as they are quite clear to any moral person – and that automatically disqualifies Canadian tobacco “control”. Using kids as spies also causes serious damage to their personality — damages that are far more demonstrable and permanent than those "attributed" to smoking.

When will Canadian “public health” pigs storm into convenience stores to punish owners who sell sweets to minors? Soon – and don’t smile: it is just a matter of a few fraudulent studies, a few criminal fanatics in the ministry of "health" (easy to find), and a couple of regulations – et voilà! – it’s the law.

Once again: what are you prepared to do? (Hint: petitions and letters to the editor won’t work).



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