Still think that public health is not a Nazi-like institution? Still think that we are exaggerating for effect, and that we call them Nazis because “we like to smoke?" Wrong.

Public health IS a Nazi institution that follows the teachings of Hitler to the letter. Yes, we even wrote a paper about it. Perhaps there was no need for such a paper when all you really have to do is read the column linked with at bottom this page to see the Nazi parallel clearly. Food, indeed in the UK today as in the Third Reich, is not a private matter because your body belongs to the state. It is therefore necessary for the state that owns your body to regulate that body for you, and tell you what to eat.

Actually, a good health-conscious Nazi state does not just tell you what to do: it makes you do it. How? Well, with smoking, through smoking bans. With alcohol, through something similar to that. With food it may be more difficult, don’t you think?

No — not in a Nazi-Fascist state such as what the United Kingdom has become (no wonder the Nazis of the World Health Organization admire the UK health state so much.) Don’t forget: in the Nazi-Fascist state it is the state that establishes the priorities and the ways that private industry must use to produce and market goods. Thus, all it takes is a law; in this case, a law that makes the food unpalatable and regulates its contents. In the name of state health, the Nazi state extends its vicious paternalism to the culinary. Why not? Who’s there to stop it?…

By looking in the crystal ball of the mentally deranged (that is, computer projections on multifactorial phenomena): “Ben Bradshaw, the Health Minister, warned that obesity was rising so fast that by 2050 four out of 10 children and nine out of 10 adults will be overweight or obese”.

So, here comes the anti-fat campaigning, and it better have results … “if this three-year campaign does not succeed, we don’t rule out regulating in future”, the Nazis say. By regulation, read prohibitions, of course. Have you seen a popular mandate to do that kind of thing – say a referendum, or something like that? Come on, don’t be ridiculous: was there ever a referendum in Nazi Germany?

What is the reaction of the food industry? Very predictable — and the same as that of the tobacco industry: kiss ass. “What we fear is that the industry is very willing to give £200 million to the campaign as a way of deflecting the Government’s interest in regulation”, say the Nazis themselves.

They may be right. The industry is so damn deranged it thinks it can buy off the very institution that will go to any extent to make society comply with its ideology: trash science, manipulated statistics, and frauds.

The £200 million should go to popular education campaigns on the statistical frauds of the “public health” establishment, and to denounce these institutional problems. The campaign should motivate both the public and politicians to get rid of institutionalized frauds, and an ideology that will have to destroy the food and alcohol industry, along with the liberties of people (even to eat) in the same fashion it has with the tobacco industry and smoking.

The money would be going to such education if the food industry had courage, integrity, intelligence, competence, vision, principles and self-respect: the sorts of things we find on the threshold of extinction today. We’d better bring them back in a hurry if we don’t want a society more horrific than George Orwell’s nightmares.

The Nazis conclude: "Unless you get the food to the right quality and unless you avoid the prospect of advertising junk food to children, you are going to have a continuation of the problem." Please do not ask what the “right” food is; the right food is whatever the medical associations and the Health Reich believe to be the correct diet for YOU — and no matter how many times they change their “science” to fit their population control agenda, do not forget: your body belongs to the state, and food is not a private matter.

You may want to read the contents of this website. This website cites the work of Robert Proctor. Don’t be misled: when it comes to “public health” and "environment," antismoker Proctor AGREES with the Nazi state, and cites it as a model to follow!



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