More tributes to the late Gian Turci from three men he worked with at FORCES. For Gian Turci (1950-2009)


We Owe It to Gian

by Elio F. Gagliano, MD

Gian Turci is gone! This sounds as an absurdity, an injustice, like the various bans that condition our lives, limit our freedom, exasperate right-minded people. Gian abhorred and fought them with all his mind and heart. But, even though they are preposterous, they are real, as terribly real as is Gian’s death.

He was the vital lymph of FORCES. I once said that FORCES was Gian’s nickname, meaning that I could not imagine FORCES without him. It is commonly said that no one is indispensable but in my depression at the terrible news of Gian’s passing I confess I have feared for FORCES’ survival. FORCES has to go on! "We owe it to him." We owe it to readers worldwide who visit our site and support our cause. Gian’s inspiration is immortal. FORCES must and shall continue its battle. Again: we owe this to Gian.


The Libertarian

by Steve Cross

My friend, my confidant, my soul mate, my brother in arms but most of all Gian Turci was the Libertarian. Not the sort of person who calls himself a Libertarian in order to get what he wants, not a Libertarian who believed in liberty just for "this" but not for "that" – but a true selfless Libertarian fighting for the liberty of all.

There were few days that Gian didn’t call me and start the conversation with "Steve, just a quick one…." – several hours later he would say, "So much for our quick chat eh, my friend." Invariably we would become embroiled in conversations of philosophy, physics, personalities, medical science and of course our shared passion for combatting the tyranny that has infested modern society – the most recent of the long and painful historical strikes on liberty.

We owe our freedoms to men who throughout the history of civilisation dedicated their lives to upholding and protecting liberty; there is a new name in those ranks. I was privileged to work with him and to be his friend. I was privileged above all because I have seen further by standing on the shoulders of a giant.


He Chose to Fight

by Steven Kelly

I began doing volunteer work for FORCES in 2003 and worked with Gian Turci over the past couple of years. We kept in close touch throughout that time until, suddenly, last week. I am profoundly saddened. I greatly admired Gian and thought the world of him personally. He was a leader, a philosopher, and a warm and kind friend. He truly loved friendship. He loved to talk and to laugh. We discussed anything and everything, about our work, and the world, and ourselves.

As a professional engineer, experienced in matters of pollution control, Gian was appalled at statistical pseudo-science and its fallacious claims, such as, “Secondhand smoke kills.” As an exceptionally perceptive and warm-hearted man, for whom tolerant and civil society was a passion, the panic and hateful social division engendered by such idiocy rather more than appalled him. He called today’s health fanaticism what it was, an evil, against which he chose to fight.

For Gian Turci there was never anything half-way about principle or about commitment. He abandoned a lucrative business and devoted the last thirteen years of his life – many hours every day – to defeat what he knew and demanded must be defeated. He told me, recently, that he feared he was working himself to exhaustion. This was an unusual admission from my stoic friend. I told him to find more time for relaxation, he promised he would, and he tried, but for Gian there were no half-ways, he was fully committed to his cause, working long hours to the end.

I have never known a nobler man. I am profoundly saddened by the death, but as ever and ever more inspired by the life, of a true hero I was blessed to know. The growth of the movement for restoration of lifestyle choice and individual freedom, the movement which this man more than any other helped establish, attests that the world thought a great deal of Gian Turci. Well it should. Gian knew and demanded that reason must defeat unreason, that right must defeat wrong, that brotherhood, properly armed, could defeat a powerful campaign of hate. He said we were fighting Health Fascism. He called it a war. He was right. He fought with all he had. He meant to win. He lives on in his movement and in the hearts of all who share his cause. We shall never forget Gian Turci. We shall never relent. We are going to win.



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