“There is no doubt that smoking kills” – that is what we hear every day. If someone asks the prohibitionist prophets to produce one corpse for which scientific causality has been established to be smoking, the question is utterly ignored. It is like shouting into the wind.
That is because it is ideology, and ideology is blind and deaf to scientific reality — although the antismoking crooks do not hesitate to say that it is “scientifically established.” Still the scientifically demonstrated “corpse” never comes out.

Nobody can say, of course, that smoking cannot kill — in fact, everything can kill. The reason why it is impossible to prove one death is because of confounders. What caused that heart attack of Mr. Smith? Please help yourselves to the menu of the 246 suspected coronary factors (of which smoking is ONE), that can combine with each other in (2246 – 1) ways (a number way too large to write, it is thousands of billions) to produce the heart attack. What about Mr. Smith’s lung cancer? That is easier. According to this document, the suspected factors are only 31, smoking included. The factors can combine in only (231 – 1) ways to produce the cancer, that is, 2,147,483,647 — or 2.147 billion+ possible interactive combinations.

Nevertheless, in both cases, for the “public health” crooks and their pharmaceutical friends there is only one causality: if Mr. Smith smoked, well … it was smoking! Have you ever wondered why they refuse the scientific debate, as in: “the debate is over”?…

Because of the ideology, confounders no longer matter. However, they DO matter when it comes to “public health’s” pharmaceutical friends and their smoking cessation killer trash.

The US Federal Aviation Administration has just forbidden the use of the smoking cessation killer drug Chantix, on the basis that it causes “dizziness, loss of consciousness, seizures, and abnormal spasms and movements” amongst hundreds of other problems. The US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has followed suit regarding truck and bus drivers.

Smoking is “so bad” that it causes NONE of those effects.

"We have immediate safety concerns about the use of varenicline (Chantix) among persons operating aircraft, trains, buses and other vehicles, or in other settings where a lapse in alertness or motor control could lead to massive, serious injury," says the Institute for Safe Medication Practices.

And how do the Pfizer drug pushers defend themselves? By calling the Institute for Safe Medication Practices ignorant and citing confounders!

“’It is important to understand the limitations of spontaneous adverse event reporting,’ the company said. "Often these reports lack sufficient medical information and/or have confounding factors that prevent a meaningful assessment of causality.’"

So, if we listen to Big Pharma and its antismoking friends, here is the rationale:

Pilot Mr. Smith smokes, and 40-50 years later dies of lung cancer. In that case — and in spite of the hundreds of millions possible interactions between numerous suspected causes — his death is “attributed” to smoking as if lung cancer was a monofactorial disease along the lines of TB.
Conversely, pilot Mr. Smith believes the antismoking propaganda crap and wants to quit with smoking cessation trash — and three days later or so he experiences seizures and spasms to the point of making him unable to fly his airplane. In that case, the causation is not scientifically demonstrated because of confounders!

This is antitobacco and “public health” for you, folks. Let’s not believe them. Let’s smoke in their faces, and put them in jail. Let’s throw away the key.

Be smart. Be a smoker. Let the fools die.

FAA story: Article (stored)

FMCSA story: Article (stored)



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