Tobacco control activists respond to Dr. Siegel’s challenges to demonstrate scientifically their BS claims on passive smoking in the only way they can: not with the science that they don’t have, but with insults.

Yes, they have plenty of insults – in fact, their very existence is an insult: an insult to science and institutional integrity. Insults and frauds are all they have in their pockets, along with tons of pharmaceutical money.

"I view him as a tragic figure – he has completely lost it”, says Glantz about Siegel – without, obviously, addressing any of his scientific points since he knows that neither he, nor any anti-tobacco operative, can answer them. “His view is that everybody in the tobacco control movement is corrupt and misguided except for him. You have to be careful what you say to preserve credibility in academic circles, and he is not doing that."

The problem with Stanton Glantz and his ilk is that he has the credibility of a clown and the power of an emperor, which makes him twice as dangerous than the rest of the antismoking mafia. Strangley enough he is credible in this case, when he misconstrues Siegel’s view: Everybody in the tobacco control movement is corrupt and misguided. Totally true and that is why Siegel has been kicked out! Tobacco control only accepts rubber stamps and yes men in its ranks, and – very much like the Chicago gangsters produced by the First Prohibition – an individual of integrity is a woefully out of place.

We disagree with Glantz about Dr. Siegel. He has not “lost it”. He has “found it”.



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