Cheese has been a dietary staple in Europe for thousands of years. Some countries identify themselves with the types of cheese they have perfected over the generations.
All that must come to an end, according to the food cops that want to impose "cigarette-style" warning labels on cheese in Britain. The so-called epidemic of obesity is the excuse and it is likely, given that country’s hysteria on all matters that relate to health and lifestyle, ever more such warning notices will come to join the ubiquitous "no smoking" signs as official emblems of Cool Britannia.

It is no secret that the prosperous times have increased the heft of Europeans including those in the United Kingdom. The obesity scare, however, is overwrought, based on statistical frauds, and is conducted for the exact same reason the tobacco panic is promulgated. Control is the ultimate goal and facts are to be ignored. While cheese is certainly prevalent in Britain its citizens are pikers compared to other European countries when it comes to cheese consumption.

The top 10 cheese consuming nations, all European countries, do not include England, Wales, or Scotland. Greece tops the list, France is second, and Italy is third. None of these countries, nor any of the remaining seven, are known for populations of fat people. Greece, despite its high smoking rate, consistently shows up at the top of the heap in longevity rates. If the Brits are too fat cheese cannot be the primary cause. The United Kingdom, however, is ground zero for social coercion based upon health frauds. Anti-cheese combines into the anti-life ideology that is destroying the culture of that once proud country.



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