“Get their dander up and our continental cousins take to the streets en masse in protest until they force their respective authorities to listen and negotiate. Now why can’t we do that?”

So says Pete Robinson, reporter for the British hospitality trade publication the Publican, who further reports from Germany:

“Your average European doesn’t share our blind, brainwashed, compliant attitude towards authority. Nor does he meekly accept the dictat of bullying pee-cee politicians as inevitable or unavoidable. When they try to impose bad laws he’ll simply ignore them with a pat on the back from the local polizei. … Well, the Germans have hard-gained experience of life under dictatorship, whereas it’s still relatively new to us Brits. … The German people also remember that the original architect of the modern smoking ban was Adolf Hitler …”

One can note with admiration a besieged British hero and hopeful French resistance as well. Reader comments included with the Publican article are also of some interest. A sole pogrom supporter named Mike Pitt – he advocates “stepping a few feet out the door” (the cattle-cars are that way) acquiescence – receives in kind from those he holds in contempt.

A fellow named Kevin, the first to comment on 14 November, is particularly perceptive in noting the derivation of today’s “public health” ideology from the Galton Institute.

The Galton Institute – a name adopted in 1989 – is a sanitized designation for the British Eugenics Education Society which dates back a century. Francis Galton (1822-1911) was a highly eccentric intellectual dilettante and medical school drop-out, a cousin to Charles Darwin, who became deeply convinced of his own superiority to others.

Galton devoted much of his time and inherited fortune to pseudo-scientific “research” “proving” the essential divinity of himself and those most like himself. He is the man who coined the term “eugenics” to describe his work and his philosophy. Francis Galton was the first president of the tragically influential Society and, to still greater dismal effect, founded a School of Eugenics at University College in London which still exists under the similarly sanitized name of the Galton Laboratory.

Galton’s statistically-based pseudo-science was applied to divide the “fit” from the “unfit” in society and to eliminate the latter. Francis Galton prophesied that his narcissistic “science” must and would become a religion as it required unquestioning belief and zealous implementation in order to achieve its international goals.

The philosophy and statistical techniques of Francis Galton as furthered by his protégés Karl Pearson (an Englishman, christened Carl, he adopted the alternative spelling in admiration of the racially prideful Germans) and Ronald Aylmer Fisher – the first two men to hold the Galton Chair of Eugenics at University College – form the basis of what is today called “lifestyle epidemiology.”

Coined in the late nineteenth century, the name of eugenics came to be applied internationally and synonymously with others such as the long-established “race science” of the USA and the growing movement for “rassenhygiene” (race hygiene) in Germany, in the early twentieth century.

Eugenics became mingled with prohibitionist ideology immediately, regarding both alcohol and tobacco, with the emphasis on the latter, as both Kevin and Robinson note, within the Third Reich. One may note incidentally, and as a matter of course, that individual eugenicists without exception “scientifically proved” the unacceptability of races, ethnicities, and habits other than their own.

Thus Kevin’s reminder is worthy indeed. Eugenics did become a zealous religion of international reach as Galton said it would. As Kevin points out, the fruits of this, and particularly Hitler’s Final Solution, made eugenics hide its face for a while.

It is back in full sway, calling itself lifestyle epidemiology, and biometrics, and social biology, or going by other euphemisms, including the stand-by designation of public health authority. Under such names and by the same old methods of pseudo-scientific propaganda, ETS hysteria, the smoker pogrom, and other socially divisive eugenic goals are advanced anew in our times.

The debased religion does not shy from continuing veneration of the inhuman Galton, Pearson, and Fisher, still extolling their names and implementing their purblind methods, while ignoring their atrocity, and trusting that the public will continue doing the same, that it will keep believing “public health authorities,” and keep acquiescing to their ever harsher dictates.

Pete Robinson extols activism and defiance to “force” eugenicists to “listen and negotiate.” Absolutely they must be defied, and reviled, and one may also force them back to the wall, but they never truly listen, and they never faithfully negotiate.

They always believe their ideology unquestioningly, they always plan ever more zealous implementation, they consider themselves divinely omniscient, they always seek to eradicate the “other,” they never will stop, they never feel shame, they never go away, they only change their names.

They are eugenicists but they went by many names before that. They do not always dominate but they never stop trying to dominate. We must force them to the wall, and beyond it, back to Hell where they belong. This is the battle unending. Today the battlefield is anti-smoking. The enemy is evil.



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