We fully agree with Dr. Susan Blatt, who was involved in the Utica COMMIT antismoking program in the late 1980s and early 1990s: you have to be direct and show that you care for them.

Here is how: if somebody tells you to put your cigarette out, blow smoke right in his face and ask him if he is not ashamed to mind someone else’s business. Show that you care by bringing him back to civilized behavior.

Isn’t that a contradiction? Not really – and certainly not today. One has to read this trash article by Utica (stored copy here) to understand the full extent of what we mean. The recommendation of this "expert" is to embarrass you – yes, make you feel ashamed that you smoke. Do not be ashamed if you choose to smoke. Do not accept sanctimonious guff. Do not be an ass. As you know:

The passive smoking “dangers” are a fraud, thus you harm no one. Explain that energetically to your interlocutor, and make him understand fully that you are not about to put out your cigarette. Remember that this is a battle of wills, and that you will not be ruled by vicious busybodies.
Aside from the fact that not one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking, your personal conduct and health is your own business, so your “embarrasser” is actually assaulting you, which entitles you to defend yourself as you see fit.

Embarrass an antismoker today: to put it as C.A.G.E. does, be a “radical” and “ugly” smoker. After all, you are dealing with a person who is ugly enough to set out to embarrass you – and paying in kind is morally correct to say the least.

Too many “civilized” smokers just don’t get it. The fight against them is not civilized. Non-smokers are deliberately instigated to bully smokers into submission – and everybody knows that a bully cannot be handled with manners and reason. Acting like sheep and complying with their requests is not a civil act, but is understood by them as an act of submission. That means that today you will submit inside, tomorrow outside, and then in your own home.

Tobacco Control considers any means at all as a morally and legally legitimate tool to MAKE you change your way of life. That means that any way you fight back is legitimate, unless you want to submit – today for smoking, tomorrow for diet and the day after for drinking, let alone the way you raise your child, or choose to live in a thousand other ways: there is nothing you think or do that these programmers will not wish to control.

Do you want that? Unless you defend yourself, that is exactly what you will get – make no mistake about that. There is no limit to control; there has to be no limit to the fight against it. It is an ugly reality we’d better get used to mighty fast and before it’s too late.

A final point: the trash article says that “New York City’s percentage of deaths due to smoking dropped by 10 percent after Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned smoking in restaurants, hospitals and other locations.”

That is absolutely false, and literally impossible, for even if all the “evils” of tobacco were true, the “tobacco-related” diseases require far more time to set in (or out) than just four years (remember the old trash slogan? “Tobacco ‘kills’ you slowly").

On the other hand, what do you expect from anti-tobacco? They are lying bastards. That’s what they are. Keep on smoking and keep on embarrassing them.



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