Last week, on Tuesday February 19th, the DTV association of German tobacconists recognized FORCES Germany as the premier organization for the protection of the rights of smokers and tolerant non-smokers, in bestowing its Tobacco Innovation Award.
The award came in recognition of FORCES Germany’s campaign against discrimination toward smokers and other minorities, victims of the vicious war launched against them by the World Health Organization, and other institutions in Europe, and in the rest of the world. Many politicians, and representatives of show business and the arts, were amongst an enthusiastic audience of supporters at the ceremony. Christoph Lövenich, pictured left speaking at the lectern, and below receiving the award, is the exiting president of FORCES Germany. He spoke these words at the ceremony (excerpts):

“Tempora mutantur. Which doesn’t mean: “The times they are a-changing” but: “The times are changed”. They are changed planfully and on purpose by those who want prohibition, by those who benefit from healthism and regulation. And by those who follow the mainstream and jump on bandwaggon: In the media, in politics, in your neighborhood. […]

The MEP Florenz threatens with the guillotine if European don’t ban smoking at all workplaces (including tobacconist’s shops and tobacco corporations!). In earlier times, executioners were social outsiders, today they have a seat in Parliament.


There are those who say: Let’s take the current trends as they are, let’s make the best out of it and find niches to survives. He who thinks like that bites the hand that feeds him. Liberty, self-determination, rule of law and free enterprise will disappear if you accept these developments instead of defending yourselves."

There is a tobacco corporation in the US who thinks that they just have to cooperate with the antis as closely as possible in order to reach state regulation that does more to their competitors than to themselves. By doing so, they denounce a consensus necessary for their shareholders and their managers as well: the principle of fair and free competition in a market that can breathe.

And there are many who believe that you can be in favour of freedom but you have to accept the passive smoking fraud. I just have to quote the musician Joe Jackson, patron of Forces Germany:
"There’s no point in pleading for our ‘rights’; as long as we’re perceived as committing
both suicide and ,[…]"- I’d like to add: child abuse -, "we don’t have any. What needs to be addressed much more boldly is the antismokers’ scientific dishonesty, as well as their conflicts of interest. These things are provable in a court of law."


Let me end with a reply to a journalist from German newspaper "Die Welt" who recently wrote that health authoritarianism is as inevitable a development as the christianization of Europe.
What is done by humans can be changed by humans and the christianziation of Europe was followed by Enlightenment and secularization.

Let us be the representatives of the Enlightenment in the gloomy Middle Ages of health religion. Let us all stand up for our rights, our freedom, our property, our prosperity, our joy."



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