The concluding, second hour of Robert Prasker’s FORCE Round Table interview with former "Winston Man" Dave Goerlitz.
A few weeks ago, former "Winston Man" Dave Goerlitz sat down for an interview with Robert Prasker of FORCES. Part I of this revealing interview is available here.

Here, FORCES presents the concluding portion of its Round Table interview with former "Winston Man" Dave Goerlitz.

Topics covered include:

-Has Mr. Goerlitz ever smoked again since he quit smoking in the eighties?

-How does he feel about organizations like the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and American Heart Association?

-Some back and forth discussion regarding some of the obstacles Mr. Goerlitz feels he faces in getting his message out regarding modern tobacco control.

-Mr. Goerlitz’ feelings about Matt Myers, Executive Director of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

-Was Mr. Goerlitz ever involved in any of the rather extreme tactics that public health activists gear toward children today?

-According to Mr. Goerlitz’ perception, how is the hierarchy of tobacco control organized and who, if anyone, is the "kingpin"?

-The current status of legal challenges regarding the constitutionality of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA)?

-A discussion where Mr. Goerlitz provides a brief outline of the details and history of the MSA and the benefits it presents to Big Tobacco (and especially Phillip Morris). Recommended listening for anyone who has questions about the nature of the MSA or how it came about.

-A discussion regarding electronic cigarettes and the political implications that have arisen since the advent of the "e-cig".

-Mr. Goerlitz’ thoughts on the ballot fraud that has allegedly occurred in the State of Ohio, and resulted in Ohio’s statewide smoking ban.

-What has Mr. Goerlitz witnessed regarding Big Pharma operating within the circles of tobacco control?

(CLARIFICATION: During the interview, Mr. Prasker incorrectly refers to Ohio’s Secretary of State as a male. In fact, a woman named Jennifer Brunner is Ohio’s Secretary of State. Our apologies for the error.)

The second part of FORCES Round Table interview with the former "Winston Man" is available at the link below. (Edited for superfluous content and sound quality: 1 hour.)



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