Old Buster Martin, the pint ‘n’ fag marathoner, keeps going strong.
Buster, of whom we have previously reported, completed the London Marathon (approximately 26 miles) on Sunday. A break at the thirteen mile mark for a pint of beer and a cigarette was all he needed to keep up steam. Buster still works and also sings with a rock group called the Zimmers. He has run in various marathons and completed them all under the power of his beloved pints and fags. The Guinness Book is not recognizing Buster as the oldest ever to complete a marathon unless he can provide definitive proof of his birth date. Mister Martin, born in France, insists he is 101 but records are inconsistent, some recording his year of birth as 1906, but others as 1913. If he’s been a rogue about the seven years’ difference we’ll say he’s been an amusing rogue. Most of us won’t make it to our nineties, let alone to a hundred or more, so while moderation is a virtue, never ever stop enjoying what you enjoy. We link to several articles and a video below all about Buster. We also note that the Los Angeles Times and CNN reported on this story, including a humorous stress on Buster’s love of beer, but censoring absolutely that he smoked. Adopting the press policies of the old Tass and Pravda is something rather worse than roguish. Many of us learned long ago not to trust the press and that grows old fast: societies infected with ideology are very sick indeed.

Interviewed in training: (Article) (stored version) (Video)

Report on the London Marathon: (Article) (stored version)

Report on Buster’s birth date: (Article) (stored version)

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