Following the footsteps of FORCES International, four American groups have now filed misconduct complaints against the US Surgeon General about the infamous 2006 report on passive smoking with the Office of Research Integrity.

Although these complaints are unrelated to that of FORCES International, we applaud the initiative and wish the best of luck. It is unquestionable that many such initiatives increase pressure on institutions that desperately need to recall integrity.

The 2006 USSG Report was meant to boost the passive smoking epidemiological fraud with authority, thus increase the spreading of smoking bans based on that fraud. That, in short, makes the Surgeon General of the United States a key accomplice in criminal behaviour at the expense of the American people, and the people of the world.

The original FORCES complaint is still in progress, and active communication with the ORI is going on. The correspondence between ORI and FORCES has, so far, amounted to bandying patent deflection and protection of the USSG exercise by ORI. It really seems that the ORI too is part of the machine that has the job to condition the public on the dangers of smoking by either misrepresenting the information or impeaching/stalling/silencing complaints and opposition.

Nevertheless, FORCES wants to demonstrate that all reasonable and legal avenues are being taken against institutional corruption – and also demonstrate that our calls for active action against "public health" authorities – such as disobedience, strikes and other activities – are not the product of extremist ideology but the only resource and course of action left, given that public health has chosen the road of abolition and elimination and closed itself to truth, reason, real science and social justice.

Although sincerely hoping that we are wrong, the end result of that demonstration will be, most likely, that the corruption is total, and that all institutions, no exception, are now in the service of Tobacco Control, its scientific frauds, its fanatical ideology and the interests of the monster pharmaceutical companies.

The fact that the dangers of passive smoking have never been demonstrated is beyond question. The fact that the studies on passive smoking – no exception – are a fabrication and a dishonest use of epidemiology is also beyond doubt. Such reality is now understandable to all.

Given the continuous thrust imparted to this fraud, only one logical conclusion is therefore possible. It is a conclusion that millions are reaching – and not only on the issue of smoking: public health, once an honourable institution, is now knowingly deceiving the public. Its job has become industrial control and cultural engineering. It is therefore the enemy to destroy before it destroys any and all liberties as we know them, and changes the system into a de facto dictatorship.

Click on the link at the bottom of the page to see the press release by the organizations that presented the new complaints.

Click here to see the latest video by Phil Williams on this issue.

Click here to look at the FORCES International complaint to the ORI.



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