This must be the shortest piece on a smoking ban ever written. Talk about an understatement of the problem and political damage control! The communiqué is from National French TV TF1.

"Bars – restaurants: les faillites en hausse de 27% – Depuis la loi anti-tabac et avec la baisse du pouvoir d’achat, plus de 3.000 établissements ont déposé le bilan au premier semestre 2008."


“Bars and restaurants: bankruptcies 27% up – Since the antismoking law and with the decline of buying power, over 3,000 [hospitality industry] businesses have gone into receivership in the first semester of 2008”.

That’s it. Please note that the decline of buying power was there long before the smoking ban, yet the locales were not going bankrupt. If this was a piece of antismoking propaganda we would have seen long lists of diseases and virtual yearly indemonstrable deaths, accompanied with elaborated descriptions of indemonstrable “costs” to society.

Where are the costs to society of the smoking ban? Where are the calls of the “experts” for its abrogation? Where are the offers of the French minister of “health” (or the WHO bureaucrats!) to compensate for the economic devastation they caused with hard cash in the same way that the tobacco industry is forced to pay damages for indemonstrable causality diseases?

Those are rhetorical questions, of course. “Public health” – domestic and international – is never, ever responsible for the demonstrable, devastating damages that it causes; it only calls for punishment for the indemonstrable damages that it claims.

It is high time that this political trash is pulled off Mount Olympus and it is made accountable for the destruction that it causes.

French smokers, keep on staying home, you are doing the right thing; when the bastards are pulled off their mountain of manure, they will become reachable and punishable.



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