By now we all know by heart that any fraud, prevarication and theft is legitimate in the name of health. The thieves continue to plunder.

As expected, taxes on specific types of food is next on the growing list of consumer shakedown, this time in France. True, what this article reveals is still a proposal, and the “experts” are still examining and considering the options, but they better come up with the “right” conclusions, because the state is hungry. Too much has been invested internationally already in the obesity scam – and the investment must now yield the return. Obesity is rampant in France too – it is an epidemic, in fact.

…What did you say?… You cannot see weather balloons rolling down the streets of France, and everybody seems to look pretty normal? There is no doubt: you are in denial because you like to eat (addicted), or you must be on the payroll of Big Food.

The public health authorities have spoken, and they sure know better: there is an epidemic of obesity, whether you see it or not. So prepare to submit. In this case the submission consists in a 20% tax (instead of a 5%) on the food you like. That will teach you, you ball-of-lard-to-be!

Two important “principles” of the public health criminal mentality are evident here:

a) The totally Communist (or Fascist, if you prefer; it makes no difference in this case) notion that the state has the right/duty to use taxation to dictate the choices and behaviour of people. This has been and always shall be the undoing of free and prosperous societies, as the state never knows better than the citizen. That mistake will keep on dragging society in the mud until the belief is forcibly defeated and delivered forever to the long list of historical failures.

b) The unlimited fuelling of public health institutions whose irresponsible politicians have, in the past and in the present, drilled into the public opinion’s head that “health trumps all rights and freedoms”, “health is first of all” and, especially, that “health is a right”. Simply put, for their dirty and immediate political gain those irresponsible people have made promises that are not sustainable.

Health is not a right, and it has never been a right across the millennia for hundreds of civilizations. Health can be a blessing, a precious thing and an asset – but it is not a right. Furthermore, health is the exclusive property of an individual, and it is neither the right nor is it the duty of the state to manage or enforce that health on the citizens. Finally – unless it is a classic contagious disease – when in conflict with rights and social or personal freedom, health is to yield to those values, as they lead to productivity, well being and, therefore… health!

The “right to health” implies that the state is obligated to employ every resource to fulfil that obligation – no ceiling whatsoever. That, in practical terms, means that each citizen has the right to demand an unlimited amount of therapies and an ever-growing, ever-expensive environment and social control to achieve conditions that tend to perfection (or what is intended as perfection according to the mental whims of the moment), regardless of the costs and of the means used to implement it. A healthist mentality of such extremity has no precedent, and even overtakes the health fanaticism of Nazi Germany.

The social parasites who work in public health are cheerleaders for this “progressive” notion (and for the massive concentrations of wealth and political power in their hands), along with some la-la-land citizens who think they can draw endlessly from the bottomless sack of state Santa Klauses but the bankrupt institutions of the idiotic welfare state demonstrate conclusively that such belief leads only to social disintegration and collective bankruptcy. In the futile attempt to avoid the collapse, the baboons in governments loot their citizens with ever-growing taxation justified with fraudulent junk science on pseudo-moral bases, while using pseudo-Marxist economics. But that will be of no avail. The collapse will come.

It is junk science applied to politics – not junk food or smoking – that will be the undoing of the tyrannical welfare state.



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