This author visited Minnesota in February, 2008 and gained some insight from her trip to that state.
This author recently spent a weekend in Minnesota. Before travelling, I had telephoned a hotel to secure a smoking room and was told that "yes" they had them. I booked one.

When I arrived at said hotel, there was a red no-smoking symbol on the door and an announcement declaring that the building was entirely smoke- free. I checked in.

Imagine my surprise when I was shown to an absolutely beautiful room with all amenities, including windows that open wide, ash trays and matches. No tomblike, enclosed space with recirculated, unhealthy air for me! I threw open the windows and proceeded to enjoy myself in my lovely smoker’s room.

I’ve since learned through asking around that "smoke-free" is commonly both posted and ignored at small hotels (but not by the big chains) everywhere bans appear. My hosts respected and treated me well. Imagine my surprise again when the phone rang and the front desk asked me if the room was to my liking and did I need anything? I was astonished at this royal treatment and left huge tips for everybody!

Always insist on your dignity. Always insist on accommodation. The Antismoker State is out to get you but reality is different. It’s too bad many hoteliers feel they have to express calm tolerance and decent respect surreptitiously. Still they express it. Antitobacco has to be disrespected and it has to be destroyed. Say that loud and clear everywhere you go.



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