FORCES USA President Maryetta Ables gives us the background on the Freedom to Breathe Act in Minnesota and tells how this relates to anti-smoking activities nationally and internationally.

The Tobacco Law Center is taking credit for the Freedom to Breathe Act in Minnesota. They certainly aren’t the authors or originators. They did not create it: the Freedom to Breathe Act comes directly from the United Nations. The Center simply adapted a UN mandate to Minnesota law, as far too many US lawmakers are doing concerning the smoking bans, gun control, and more.

We have to wonder too often: whose country is this anyway? Ours? Or are we to be puppets of the UN? If we choose to fight smoking bans upon our rights, it seems a fundamental right would be native control of legislatures, leaders listening and answerable to US citizens and not to an international body.

There is a clear trail from the 11th Congress of the United Nations to the State Legislature of Minnesota. It’s a trail that forks to the other 18 states that have already adopted nearly identical policies. Every US state smoking ban has direct links to United Nations dictates. The ban craze is not one "local grass roots movement" after another, as mass media portrays, but international in scope and profoundly influenced by international direction. Local government is vitally important. It must be kept local and autonomous.

The federal government and every state has some form of a Department of Health and Human Services, or of Health and Human Resources, or a similarly-named agency, which generally promotes anti-smoker restrictions. Not everyone knows how many offices fall under the DHHS’s oversight, so here is what is listed on their web site.

The tobacco control agenda has also spread to many other government agencies, thus strengthening the agenda of United Nations planners in our legislative system.

All of these government organizations, together with many non-governmental agencies, are provided "political artwork" to enhance their reach to the media and the public. Many such political materials are provided through an organization recognized by the United Nations to give a voice directly within the UN, and to participate in various driving committees of the UN. This is the Civil Society, whose United States web site is called CIVICUS.

Unless we as citizens take serious action, our representative system faces ruin. We will no longer be the masters of our government. If this seems an extreme statement, given the awful changes we have seen in recent years, I do not believe it is an overstatement.

My local delegate in the State Legislature once told me what he would like to see happen. He said citizens should rally to stop all funding of the non-governmental organizations which are influencing state legislatures so abysmally. It’s a good thought and a good place to start.

We must also work on the US Congress, which must either restrict or disallow funding from the World Health Organizaiton meant to influence domestic politics. Moneys go from the WHO and through such as the DHHS, EPA, CDC, and amongst other convoluted channels, into the coffers of both governmental and non-governmental organizations … often targeted at smokers and other good citizens. We have to take this on.



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