We invite our readers to listen to this British radio debate on the British smoking ban.

Once again, as soon as liberty and scientific integrity are allowed to talk rather than being suffocated with 10-second sound bites and all the space (and the favours of the hosts) given to the antismoking propaganda, reason and truth clearly prevail.

That is the very reason why prohibitionists and public health institutions say that “the debate is over”, and refuse scientific and logical confrontation with their opposition.

They know they lie. They know they are conning the public. And that makes the problem of institutional integrity so much more grave.

To realize the scope of the passive smoking scam by public health, please also listen to “Passive Smoking: an Institutional Problem”.

Also, please listen to the representatives of the youth in this show; they are a very telling part of it.

More information on this show on the Freedom to Choose page.

To access the debate on our Multimedia section, click here.



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