We apologize to our readers who follow both FORCES and the Michael Siegel blog for having neglected his important postings. To make amends, we publish here a collection of his latest postings. For the purpose of not cluttering his opinions with our blurbs, we have reduced our blurbs to telegraphic comments.

American Cancer Society continues to accuse Big Tobacco of lying about cigarette ingredients; challenge issued — prove it or remove it – They won’t prove it and they won’t remove it. The ACS has lied about tobacco for the last 20 years and got away with it. Why should they change now?…

Campaign for Tobacco-Free kids again deceives constitutents about Philip Morris’ support for FDA tobacco legislation; is TFK even capable of honesty? – No. Antitobacco and honesty are a contradiction in terms. Siegel should know: he has been kicked out.

Anti-Smoking group supports denial of surgery to smokers – “It’s hard to believe that it has come to this”, comments Siegel. No, it is not. Siegel should read more history: once the path of hatred is taken, you can only go forward – unless it is stopped with force, extreme force, as reason is for the goose.

Berkeley proposes use of expanded outdoor smoking ban to keep homeless people away from stores – Siegel: ‘How ironic that the proposal is called "Public Commons for Everyone." For everyone but homeless smokers.’ Nothing ironic about that, Dr. Siegel. Hatred looks for any excuse, logical or not. There are only two choices therefore: be a victim of it or return the favour. We all wish it was otherwise, but it isn’t.

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