WHAT FRESH HELL is this? Via the ever-excellent Christopher Snowdon (whose book “The Art of Suppression” everyone should go out and buy), we learn that the World Health Organisation is pushing for a worldwide ban on electronic cigarettes, presumably because it has nothing better to do now that it has eradicated malaria and AIDS.

In a new report, the WHO claims that e-cigarettes – which are smokeless, tarless, non-carcinogenic plastic replicas that deliver small doses of nicotine to the user – “could undermine the denormalization of tobacco use” simply because they resemble cigarettes, and it urges countries to consider banning their use in order to “change the social norms regarding the consumption of tobacco”. Since the WHO has significant influence on national health bodies around the world, it is reasonable to guess that we will be seeing a lot more of this report as the bansturbators start clamouring for yet another avenue of pleasure to be closed off to us.



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