Killjoys have always been around, and they’re after all of us, these days. Fight back, boys and girls, together! Where is smoking allowed today?

Wherever you say so.

"No smoking" signs are simply perfect objects for ridicule.

In 1897, the year to which the photo at left is dated, men were allowed to smoke most anywhere, but it was taboo for ladies to smoke at all.

The gent and lady pictured seem content to defy all proscriptions, providing a good example for all of us today.

This naughty lady could have provided the inspiration for the tune "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". We always did and we still do.

Our crazy Anti, today, wants to put all of us in the gilded cage, men and women alike.

There’s nothing more fun than defying fanatics, hysterics, nannies, and scolds.

Be sure to have lots of fun, girls and boys, everywhere and all the time.

Lighting up positively shocks the undies off of propriety nowadays.

Make a point of it, most especially, next to the "no smoking" signs.



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