A Colorado judge has ordered a defiant bar owner to shut up. The Colorado smoking bans, like all smoking bans, rely on fearful obedience. As reported in the Colorado Springs Independent, the “outspoken” defendant Bruce Hicks “believed courts would be paralyzed if enough bar owners defied the ban and fought in court.”

County Judge Karla Hansen believed this too. She therefore paralyzed Bruce’s tongue. He now obeys her gag order. Perhaps this is the wisest course for Mister Hicks, at this time, while he prepares an appeal.

Karla Hansen’s fear of free speech is well-founded. Every tyrant attempts to cut out the tongue of dissent. It won’t work. We who dissent wish best of luck to the muted Bruce Hicks and we shall keep saying what one Colorado bar owner must now fear to say.

We are many. Our combined voices keep shouting. The tyrant may say or do what he will. He cannot rule us. In the end we are going to cut off his head. Antismoking fears our voices as well it should. The last sound it hears shall be the cheers of freedom triumphant.



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