The Gardasil human papillomavirus vaccine may be implicated in at least ten recent deaths.

Gardasil is Merck & Company’s HPV vaccine which was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration last year and recommended specifically for women between the ages of nine to twenty-six. HPV is sexually transmitted, can produce genital warts, and is a factor in most cases of cervical cancer. The US Centers for Disease Control has reported regarding Gardasil: "There appear to be no serious side effects. The most common side effect is brief soreness at the injection site."

Many young women are taking this vaccine, many of these, at the guidance of government. We link here to ten recent reports of sudden death in young women attendant upon Gardasil vaccination. Note the grimly ironic notations common to the reports: "Death, Serious". The CDC should read this closely. So should legislators in a growing number of states where official advisement and even requirement of Gardasil vaccination amongst schoolgirls is being considered. New medicines must always be regarded cautiously.

Young ladies considering taking Gardasil, and their parents, should proceed cautiously, and free of government hectoring. Government is and has long been too admiring of the pharmaceutical industry. The industry touts medicines with short histories as "safe and effective" which in many cases are neither. We place as much faith in pharmaceutical firms as we do in the American Big Tobacco firms, which is to say, never an ounce. Government idiotically fawns upon drug merchants.

The contrast between anti-smoking hysteria and blind trust of pill shills in our government and society is stunning. The people must exercise their intelligence. Everyone knows sexual activity entails risks. These risks must be judiciously considered by adults, and by those approaching adulthood, and should be weighed against claims and risks of a product such as Gardasil.

How we live, what kind of work we take on, how much we drink or smoke, are personal decisions, and must be respected as such. Most teenagers sample cigarettes along the way. None has ever died from that. The "secondhand smoke" fraud is a cultural tragedy. Government is not judicious in its knee-jerk touting of Big Pharma products or in its bug-eyed scare-mongering about tobacco. Have your own mind. Educate yourself. Make your own decisions. Question "authority." Allegiance to advertisers and their idiot acolytes is hazardous to health and sanity.



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