Look no further than college campuses to see why the headline is true: College students don’t seem to notice — or care — that their rights are slowly being taken away.

Despite the fact that hundreds of colleges and universities have banned a completely legal substance from campus, there has been little, if any, outrage from students.

Interestingly, it is tobacco that receives the most scrutiny from college administrations. Alcohol (which is illegal for those under 21) and marijuana are pervasive substances on college campuses, yet tobacco is the substance under attack.

Indeed this is scary. If Generation Y doesn’t fight for their rights they will become a rather blah group who will do what they are told, with little thought of what the American Constitution really stands for and what so many have died to defend. Liberty and Justice for all is not just a catchy little phrase it is meant to give the people the power, not special interest groups.



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