Former minister of environment for the Nord Rhein Westfahlen region and rabid antismoker Bàrbel Hòhn has been accused of peculation. According to the accusation, Hòhn received unapproved financing without any oversight by the appropriate government agency. There is, in fact, no official record of the money transfer.

Antismoker Bàrbel Hòhn: more corruption in the ranks

The damages are estimated to be over 4.3 million Euros.

Bàrbel Hòhn is also a fanatic supporter of smoking prohibition along with the rest of the Green Party, and she went as far as pushing for the prohibition of smoking even on German trains. Needless to say, she used false figures on smoking provided by the cancer centre DKFZ of Heidelberg, which collaborates heavily with the health Nazis of the World Health Organization. Her most ludicrous claim to date is that, in Ireland, there has been no decrease whatsoever of business in pubs since the smoking ban!

The DKFZ, in turn, was involved in a corruption scandal in March 2007, exposed by FORCES Germany, concerning falsification and manipulation of data by director Dr. Poetscke-Langer. We report here from our archives the comments we wrote at the time.

Dr. Poetschke-Langer, director of the WHO-collaborator DKFZ. She was caught in 2007 to falsify and manipulate data on passive smoking to advance prohibition

March 13, 2007 [04:30 GMT] – Antismoking is fraud, fraud is antismoking, antismoking is the WHO. Another "public health" document, another fraud: why are we not surprised? – A good ventilation in locales DOES decrease the danger of harmful molecules in the air. But Dr. Poetscke-Langer director of the Heidelberg cancer centre quotes documentation that turned out to be manipulated (false). The document showed that even a good ventilation system in a locale would not be sufficient to decrease the "dangerousness" of cigarette smoke. However, the studies upon which the document was based showed quite the opposite.

Federal government member Paul Werner voiced his hope that all the arguments on cigarette smoke by Dr. Poetscke-Langer are not manipulated as well. The DKFZ (German Cancer Research Centre) is a collaborator of the World Health Organization, by which it is controlled, and therefore it works for the elimination of smoking in the world. The use of manipulated and falsified information has put into serious question the integrity and the credibility of the Heidelberg’s institute.

Netzwerk Rauchen/Forces Germany member of the board Werner Paul pointed out that this paper by Dr. Poetschke-Langer is even more obviously manipulated than her other arguments, and invited the research centre to distance itself politically from the persecution of smokers. It has also asked to split the institution from the tobacco control enterprise in order to avoid contamination by the corruption of the World Health Organization. Finally, Poetschke-Langer has been asked by the Netzwerk Rauchen no longer to take advantage of the integrity of the institution to the ends of the campaign against tobacco consumption.

…We are Tobacco Control, corruption is us!

The reference article below is in German.



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