In Germany, on 28 February, a second huge protest of restaurant operators and smokers took place. Continuing and expanding activism is being planned.
Stimulated by the smoking ban, the VEBWK, the Association for the Preservation of the Bavarian Inn Culture, has passed the mark of 30,000 subscribers. It has also collected, as of 29 February, 106,511 petition signatures calling for abolition of the smoking ban.

The Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) participated in the recent massive protest, the second of a long series of demonstrations against the fraud-based Nazi law, with more planned.

The fight for an antismoking-free Germany continues. Some pictures of the demonstration are below.

Link below is to the website of the VEBWK. Announcements of future demonstrations will appear at the VEBWK site and at other German sites. We will keep you informed at FORCES.



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