Germany is vehemently fighting the infection of health Nazism and corruption. The historical immune system of this nation is recalling its antibodies against cancerous ideologies.
The president of Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court is demanding explanations from provincial authorities. Antismoking laws, approved without consultation of national and local laws as per democratic procedure, have resulted in a flood of lawsuits. Amongst more widely-ranging inquiries, the court is particularly questioning laws in the city of Karlsruhe, and policies regarding single-room hospitality locales.

The courts are becoming overwhelmed. Business owners are filing suits en masse. Many businesses are faltering and operating at a loss. Many others have already been bankrupted. Meanwhile, sheer defiance of the smoking bans continues to grow, in all of the provinces. We applaud the lawsuits. We applaud the defiance enthusiastically. The business owners and German smokers are doing exactly as they should. They are "denormalizing" the judicial and enforcement arms of the fascist state: just desserts, and potentially very effective, if conducted with perseverance, and increasing force.

We note that the Federal Court specifically questions why parents are told not to smoke in their own homes if they have children. The implications of this are horrendous and the court recognizes this. The state, in enacting its fanatical beliefs into law, is attempting to eradicate all privacy, all tolerance, all dissent, and along in this tide, the right of parents to educate their children as they see fit. Essentially: disbelief in the fanaticism is becoming a crime under German law. There is surely precedent for that.

Many suits have centred on single-room locations (mostly pubs or kneipen). The court specifically questions why owners of such locales are not given the option to handle smoking policy as they see fit — either forbid smoking or choose to allow their clientèle to smoke, given that the overwhelming majority smokes, according to the litigants themselves.

Business losses are rife. In some sectors losses of about 50% are registered. In the meantime, antismoking gangs that instigate violence and hire spies to report on smokers, have been served with warrants. These groups reportedly were recruiting via application forms posted on the internet. Acceptably fanatical applicants are hired as spies and paid informants, payment contingent on performance, in effecting official citation of smoking ban violators. This amounts to establishment of a secret police force and is being investigated as such.

Does anybody still believe that tobacco control is not out of control? That it is anything other than hateful? Think again. The President of the German Federal Court, who is leading the charge in probing provincial government, should go to the local library and refresh his memory on the recent history of his country. In this history he will find all the answers to all his questions — including the fact that freedom of choice on lifestyle was considered a disease that needs "therapy" — by the Nazis exactly as by the WHO bastards and their Healthist followers today. What democratic procedures?…

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