The antismoking professional cons have a great advantage: that of having crowds of suckers waiting for the latest creations of their warped fantasy: smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, warts, this and that.
Unfortunately the ocean of suckers includes numerous smokers who, made to feel guilty by the propaganda, and convinced that they are “addicts," agree with smoking bans in the hope that the bans will send them straight to the drug store to buy the latest and greatest pharmaceutical trash to “make” them “quit & fit.” Fortunately, the trick does not work all the time, and not in all countries. Take Germany, for example. The Anti bastards are having a hard time making papa Hitler come back home. That is in spite of their ocean of epidemiological lies, hatred, and false information.

Smoking bans in Germany are failing, because people do not like them, and don’t go to hospitality locales that obey them. Instead of kissing the asses of the white coats, German locale owners have done something about that, and fought hard. The result has been a difficult life for antitobacco: yes, smokers and bar owners have learned from their tormentors, and they are “making it difficult” for antismoking bastards to impose prohibition. Germans in general have learned from their history. They recognize vicious technocracy.

Make no mistake, we are not singing victory: the pharmaceutical industry is firmly in control of the European Health Commission, which is fully determined to impose its fraudulent science and its rotten social values upon the entire Union, whether the member states like it or not. That is one more reason to spread civil disobedience at the grass root level, to “make it difficult” for the health bastards to implement and enforce their antismoking laws that deserve zero respect and zero obedience.

Keep on smoking, keep on fighting, and remember: each time you light up you spit in the face of the “public health” scum. There! You are probably enjoying your cigarette even better already! As we noted before with reference to this Publican story, it will take great force to reverse antismoking, in Germany and everywhere. There can be no compromise with fanatics. Resistance in Germany is one step, which must be and is being duplicated elsewhere, on a long and difficult road to total victory. Enjoy this article. The Germans’ spirit can lift your own.



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