In spite of the supercilious tone of this English piece published by Der Spiegel, which tries to paint a German freedom fighter as Don Quixote, it is nevertheless reported that he is one of the many who defy the smoking ban. As our own correspondents verify, hatred of anti-tobacco runs very deep, amongst very many indeed, in Germany.
Through a combination of political correctness, deference to big pharmaceutical sponsors, and plain laziness, most big media outlets coddle anti-smoking, and indeed see it as their job to promote prohibition, and the vilification of smokers. The press seeks to degrade smokers while inducing them to accept prohibition “for their own good” as well as for “society’s good”. Depicting smokers as a vanishing breed and resistance as a lost cause are typical of this strategy. It is not so. Anti-tobacco is widely despised. Its prohibitions are widely reviled and defied. Its opponents are righteously and mightily motivated, they know this is a war, and they are prepared for a long and bitter fight.

In line with anti-tobacco propaganda, the media report virtually universal delight with prohibition, suggesting that dissent is an anomaly. For example, here Mr. Helmut Meinecke is described as Don Quixote, tilting against the ban. The implicit message is that a foolish rebel has taken on a useless fight. The powers that be have already decided his fate along with the fate of society – and that fate is a "smoke-free" world. The “smoking rebel” is painted as a cultural eccentricity of some sort, an evanescent quirk, surely destined to fade away with time.

The article’s author, Merlind Thiele, is a propagandist of the "Big Lie" school. Get this: “…regulations against smoking aren’t orchestrated from above”. Not at all… just by the crooks of the World Health Organization and those of the ministry of “health”, lobbied by international moneybags Big Pharma! The transparent intent is to make the reader believe that the local “majority” has decided to ban the smokers!

This is the “bright” idea of German proprietor Michael Windisch, who sawed three holes in the wall of his restaurant, the "Maltermeister Turm" in the town of Goslar, so patrons could smoke "outside," thereby obeying the new smoking law. How funny and amusing, to create a symbolic pillory for the smoker, and so reinforce the self-righteousness of his persecutors! Any smoker who submits to such humiliation indeed deserves to be spat on by anyone who passes by. Thiele furthermore wishes us to believe that smokers, like cockroaches, will be content to disappear in filthy corners of society. “The hour of clever solutions may have dawned for smokers and people who want to serve them. The future for rowdy tobacco fans in Germany may be outdoor winter gardens, or even glassed-in smoking rooms.”

German smokers are already faring better than that. Defiance is rife, and we may tell anti-smokers furthermore, that their day of reckoning is coming. Those they have vilified and oppressed wish to serve them in kind. The future for the fraudsters of fascistic anti-smoking will not be kind when justice is restored. Their proper place is behind bars.

This Der Spiegel article came out just a week ago. Note the continuing developments in Germany reported on our news page today. Smokers and their wise friends in Germany and throughout the world are growing very serious indeed. We are defying the eugenicists, we are communicating and planning globally, in good time we are going to make the bastards pay.

The Nazi collaborators of the mass-media pretend not to get it. They discount our rage, and our numbers, and deny our humanity altogether. Antismoking is an institutional fraud. We will not fade away. It may take years, but we will not stop, and we shall establish justice. We are organizing. Defiance is growing. We will not quit smoking. We will create enough disorder to make the fascists curse the day they decided to con the people with epidemiological frauds.

We will not change our culture, values, and lifestyles – and yes, we will make you live with them. We will keep on living, keep on socializing, keep on smoking – in public and in private – whether it is legal or not – with the specific aim of sowing contempt for law and disrupting the fascistic social order. Helmut Meinecke is not Don Quixote nor is he a lone wolf. We are everywhere, we are banding together, and we shall serve Hell to those who have so served us.



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