Both the defiance of smokers and of business owners against the smoking bans and the hatred induced by antitobacco operatives and “public health” against smokers continue to grow in Germany.
The violence — The antismoking mobs are now proceeding with physical attacks against smokers. A 39-year old man who was in a sport centre in the city of Ehringashausen to celebrate the Carnival has been assaulted by two persons costumed as policemen. The victim was brought to a hospital after being helped by someone who encountered the crime scene. The man suffered wounds to the face and back as well as a broken rib.

It seems that the assault was instigated by a discussion inside the sport centre about a cigarette smoked by the victim in the area where the Carnival was held. Approached by the two antismoking bullies in police costume, he was ordered to put his cigarette out by invoking “the law." The victim refused on the grounds that the fraud-based law was suspended for the Carnival celebrations.

In typical antismoking fashion the two, who could no longer invoke “the law," decided to vent their hatred in the manner of brownshirts past. Towards the end of the evening the two waited for the victim a few hundred meters from the locale where he had smoked, and hit and kicked him, first with blows to the stomach, then kicks in the face and in the back as he fell. Before passing out, the victim recognized one of the antismoking bastards he had argued with earlier. The eyewitness told the police that, when the victim was already passed out, a second person went to the victim and kicked him again. The second person, the witness says, was also dressed as a policeman.

Three things can be learned from this story. First, the next time you are in front of an antismoking bastard, you know the kind of person he is likely to be — watch your back. Second, it would be appropriate to carry something useful for defense. Third, if you want to teach a physical lesson to the antismoking scum, prepare yourself — and then light a cigarette.

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The defiance — “Smoking may not be good for you, but antismokers destroy existence." In this spirit, and by plan, organised owners of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants in Berlin unilaterally removed the smoking prohibition. Since the smoking ban, the Berlin locales suffered business losses up to 70%. Many owners, already burdened with loans and mortgages, were unable to get to the end of the month. Many more were not even able to pay rent, and they were about to go bankrupt. Others were forced to lay off personnel for the same reasons. So they decided to toss mandated "no smoking" signs into garbage cans where they belong. The effect was immediate: the clientèle immediately came back, happily smoking in the face of the “law," and happily opening its wallets — exactly the way it should be.

Needless to say, the “public health” scum has immediately threatened repression and punishment, but it really seems that the Neo-Nazis will have to face the physical resistance of those who are ready to go to any extent to survive. What can we learn from these courageously defiant people? Readiness. Determination. Courage. Appropriate response. Most crucially we learn that we have to prepare ourselves for the final showdown with the antismoking Neo-Nazis. The bastards had to be stopped in the twentieth century. History repeats.

Link to the original article in German (stored link here)



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