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Every day, unfortunately to indifference of most, “public health” becomes more a Nazi, criminal entity that manages society to the smallest detail. It already decides who gets medical treatment and who does not. It already replaces science and freedom with its opinion and ideology. Collaborating media already totally suppress the voice of those who denounce its frauds. “Public health” has already grossly exceeded its limits and trespassed in politics, cultural engineering, information control, and it tells us whom to hate and whom to love. As it was in Germany yesterday (stored article), it’s in England today – but it is also already in many other nations. When the system gives to the medical class – thus “public health” – unbounded powers and credibility, that class seems to inevitably become the backbone of the most brutal and ruthless repression, discrimination and hatred. We have no fear of exaggerating when we say that doctors, as a class, are the most politically dangerous element there is. They don’t know when to stop. They believe that they are the masters of life and death, the closest thing to God. And social system after social system keeps on not learning, and keeps on honouring them in spite of the glaring evidence (stored article). Have we really evolved as societies beyond the blinding glare of technological gadgetry, and ceased the veneration of the feathered medicine man? It does not look that way. Will we ever learn? To err is human, but to persevere is diabolocal.

All of the above is confirmed by an appalling document entitled: “Social Value Judgements”. Sandy Szwarc leads the reader through the grim future of cost benefit analysis as applied to human life, beginning in the United Kingdom with the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) providing the criteria care givers must weigh, deciding who lives and dies.

This NICE guide, outlining the values for rationing national healthcare, is not just some trivial document. As impossible as it seems, this appalling document is all too real. Such is the inevitable outgrowth of what happens, as history has shown, when health becomes “public”. When health becomes a measure of good citizenship, again as happened in Nazi Germany. This is the foreseeable (and even more glaring) result when government foots the bill for healthcare: the state then assumes power to decide what happens to an individual’s body and to determine when a life is of insufficient quality or too costly to society for it to be preserved. This document doesn’t just affect our friends in the United Kingdom or healthcare professionals put in the position of turning away people in need. Its cautionary messages speak to all of us.

It is not melodramatic to state the obvious: To ignore the bioethical issues that this document raises, is to plant the seeds that were sewn in the darkest hours of human history.

"NICE defines health benefit in terms of quality of life. More importantly, the State — not the person — will decide if an individual’s quality of life is worth the costs of care."



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