You knew they were coming.

FORCES readers know that smoking is banned within one’s own apartment or condominium in Belmont, California. The Cigarette Gestapo can bash through your front door there at any time, as this CBS television news piece reports, with no disapproval.

That a long-term heavy smoker who lives in Belmont disapproves is merely noted. We’re given “the facts,” uncontested of course (that would be heresy!), from a (notably potbellied) health fanatic who sits on the Belmont City Council: “Overwhelming evidence shows secondhand smoke is dangerous: even for a few seconds. So we don’t want to be around anybody that smokes.”

The “we” in the last sentence would refer to humans as opposed to smokers. As to her constituent, the elderly chain-smoker, the lardy legislator opines: “I don’t know what to do, I mean, maybe she’ll move.”

Where? To your town? Where bans encroach more and more year by year? Where from there? Someplace you get to in a paddy wagon or a cattle car? Pay attention, see what’s coming, fight the bastards.



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