Smoking ban enforcers in a West Virginia county say they need police protection. They’re feeling terribly hurt and threatened. They’re shocked to think they are unwanted by the bar owners and patrons they spy on and harass. The victims are showing disrespect! It’s just awful!

We’re told of “several incidents over the last couple months where inspectors were harassed, had paperwork torn up and thrown in their face and in at least one incident an inspector was followed out to his car.”

The Health Department inspectors’ smoker-nabbing detail is “becoming dangerous.” The enforcers say they need armed escorts. They need to become a full-fledged Health Gestapo.

Nazis point guns at decent men because decent men never respect Nazis. Nazis equate fear with respect. They are wrong about that as they are about most everything.

Cheers to the defiant in West Virginia. The enforcers deserve infinite contempt, they are hated, they ought to be scared, and they had better stay scared.

Working for the Gestapo will always be a dangerous job. Disgust for the enforcers will outlive the Health Reich. Truly indecent men are never redeemed.



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