While it is well known that we do not subscribe to any of the superstitions about smoking, we always said that there is no doubt that the way to make a cigarette safer is to increase its level of nicotine contents.

There is a lot of solid research and real science behind this statement – science that it is now suppressed because pharmaceutical interests dictate that public health serves them, and not the public. Before its recent political about face, even the US Institute of Medicine, in a voluminous report of 2003, said that more nicotine in cigarettes is what it takes.

It is now clear that the opposite will happen, making cigarettes a truly dangerous product. Recently we even made a bet with our readership that the “public health” criminals will take this direction to benefit both Philip Morris and Big Pharma, producers of nicotine delivery devices. After the political buyout of the Institute of Medicine there is just one more obstacle to overcome for the antismoking gangsters: Andrew von Eschenbach, FDA commissioner, who recently stated that "We could find ourselves in the conundrum of having made a decision about nicotine only to have made the public health radically worse. And that is not the position FDA is in; we approve products that enhance health, not destroy it." : Andrew von Eschenbach is yet another naïve individual, who still thinks that his job is to achieve actual public health. Wake up and smell the passive smoke, Andrew. Do not forget that, within the antismoking ideology, the slightest dissent cannot be allowed, and the dissenter is to be eliminated. It is therefore just a matter of how to politically eliminate von Eschenbach, and one of the last obstacles to the triumphant march of the “public health” criminals towards the physical slaughter of smokers in the name of pharmaceutical interests.

How to do that? By intelligently attacking him from another angle. ‘FDA commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach took a tongue-lashing from members of Congress over the way his agency handled Avandia, the diabetes drug from GlaxoSmithKline that has come under scrutiny for alleged heart attack risks. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-California), chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, called the Food and Drug Administration’s role in monitoring Avandia’s safety after it went on the market "a major failure of our system." ‘

Guess what: Waxman is, along with Senator Edward Kennedy, one of the pushers of the FDA regulation of cigarettes. And small turds like von Eschenbach certainly cannot stand in the way of mega-galactic interests such as those of Philip Morris and Big Pharma itself. A quick glance to Fortune 500 is sufficient to understand who actually rules the Unites States, their national “public health” and the “public health” of the rest of the world. And you thought that antismoking is for your own good? Are you ever naïve!

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