The Propaganda Minister of the Anti-smoking League is gloating over his massive success in the field of bastardry. He remembers the bad old days when, as a misanthropic creep, he really had no place in British society. Mere years, and especially a few decades ago, persons of his sort were thought absurd and nauseating. But that was then. He found the Anti-smoking League and rode with it to supremacy over decent folks. The hard-working people, who once put rodents like himself in their place, are now at his mercy.

Decent folks always infuriated him: their industry, civility, kindness, and good fellowship filled him with hate he could never contain. Once that made him an outcast but now hate expression, and its promotion, provide him with a grant-funded career. Indeed, the British government itself taxes all those decent folks, to pay him!

What’s more, the government will do anything, anything at all, he tells it to do. We join the Minister here as he prepares to go out of the house, to survey the damage he’s done to society, particularly to the working classes, and the pubs. He knows his trip will inspire him to concoct even greater sadistic enormities, which government will applaud, and enact as laws.

What a wonderful state of affairs it is, he exults, when a sadistic wretch like him can attain status over every person and class in society. It’s plainly evident, and he’s not shy to tell us, that British society has made him a god. Indeed most of the world now recognizes him as divine and he means to conquer every inch of the globe. He means to own the world and space and expects he shall before long.

Yes, the Propaganda Minister is riding high and almighty, and he’s sure his heyday is here to stay. Do you agree? Or are you ready to put sadistic bastards in their proper place again? There’s a war on and you’re in it. Are you fighting? You had better. If you don’t you help the Minister to establish his eternal Reich. Perhaps you’ll survive in it but you will never live again.



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