During this season of miracles it is truly miraculous that the global warming hoaxers still haven’t been shamed into blessed silence. The winter season had hardly begun when Wes Pruden of the Washington Times penned a sharp assessment of where anthropogenic global warming finds itself a couple of decades after it was created from whole cloth as a tool to stampede politicians and policy makers into adopting policies that will degrade all working people’s lifestyle. Acute observers will not be surprised to find that the climate change con job is falling apart. The less observant will learn some basic facts that the mainstream media has worked overtime to obscure.

Here are some actual facts that somehow never make it into the newspapers or television news reports:

Polar icecaps are accumulating faster than usual
The earth hasn’t warmed in 13 years
There have been 63 record snow falls in the United States this fall
There were 115 lowest-ever temperature readings in November
Only 44 Octobers have been cooler than this year’s in 114 years.

On the global warming corruption front we see:

October temperatures substituted for actual November readings
A leading global warming promoter was forced to "correct" his statement that the 1990’s were the hottest decade when, in fact, the 1930’s, the height of the Great Depression, were the hottest
Skeptics of anthropogenic climate change, no matter their academic or real-world credentials, are treated as pariahs by pundits and politicians

Pruden boils down the entire global warming hoax as an exhortation from grifters and the deluded to accept the climate change gospel solely on faith. A faith, by the way, that grants man the most important influence upon a planet that has undergone cataclysmic changes, including global temperature changes, for billions of years prior to the infinitesimally brief time that we have walked the earth. The hubris is astonishing and the crash, when it does occur for the climate change cultists and con men, will be spectacular.

A winter wonderland viewed through the snow capped date palms in New Orleans

New Orleans street car slips and slides on the slushy tracks through a snow storm

From the Sunny Southwest

The Luxor pyramid as ski slope in Las Vegas

A snow man shivers in southern Utah



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