Beware the ides of the hour. Always, every day has been doomsday, to paranoiacs. Our day is a heyday for hysterics so conflicting dooms cast their shadows on their opposites.

The New Ice Age loomed a short while ago. Global Warming got in its way for a while but frosty doom now reasserts itself courtesy of the Space and Science Research Center of Florida.

The "hot" prognosticators generally point to human activity, but they sometimes refer to sun activity as the source of our impending end, while the "cold" doom proponents now also point to reports on sun activity as the explanatory cause of the next global freeze-up.

As a matter of fact planet Earth has varied from a fiery ball to an ice-encrusted sphere over its history while recent millennia, centuries, and years have vacillated within far lesser extremes.

Relatively warmer and cooler eras are fully to be expected and it would be surprising indeed if the next hundred years mirrored the past hundred exactly.

Hence those who say things are warming will sometimes be right and those who say the opposite will other times also be right, relatively, and about as often.

What humans do has likely and will likely have little effect on what the planet and the cosmos do.

Our advice: enjoy life and beware of March Hares who predict your imminent doom.

Our thanks to DW for this link.



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