We are glad to report a good news, for a change: “Obesity is on its way to being deadlier than smoking as a cause of cancer”.
Why is this a good news? Well, it’s quite simple: "As smoking goes down and obesity goes up it won’t be long before obesity is the No. 1 cancer killer".


Let’s put it this way: in the last 50 years there has been not even one cancer that could scientifically be demonstrated to be caused by smoking. It follows that there is absolutely no scientific proof that smoking causes cancer. If obesity is to overtake smoking as a cause of cancer – and given that smoking has not been demonstrated to cause cancer — then obesity is as harmless as smoking is.

Don’t try to make sense of "public health." The Healthist cons exist only to justify their grants or government paycheques. That is why they mass-produce epidemiological trash. After conning the public for 50 years on smoking as a cause of cancer (and, unfortunately the public has largely believed them), now that smoking has decreased and the cancers have not, they are setting the groundwork for another lie to explain why the cancers have not gone down. If everybody slimmed down tomorrow, yet another “cause” for cancer would be invented by the unflappable crooks, to explain ever-present cancer.

The reality is simple and three-folded.

The real causes of cancer are unknown because cancer is still not fundamentally understood by science.
Cancer is more likely in later life than in early life. As people live longer and longer in this society that is full of “dangers” and ”threats”, cancer is a natural way of nature to end life and make room for others.
It is false that cancer can be prevented through “lifestyle annihilation.” If ever cancer is eliminated through technology, believe it or not death will continue, via more expensive and devastating long-term diseases that will be “attributed” by the “public health” crooks to … your lifestyle, of course. The crooks will never stop telling you that, if you follow them, you will be immortal. Some of them believe it. Like death, madness is a constant in life, though it’s having a real heyday in our era.

We all must die — do remember that, and please, enjoy life while you can: smoke, eat, drink, live “dangerously” just for the thrill of it. If you follow what the nihilists of “public health” say, you will die anyway, but without ever having experienced the thrills and joys of life. That’s a sin.



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