There’s a certain poetic justice in this article. Perhaps folks are truly getting fed up with California’s Pristine Clean? Every person complaining in the article sounds like a smoker who has been ostracized. Oh my, this is good! “Doing a few sit-ups and push-ups in Santa Monica turned James Birch into a scofflaw — and cost him $158. He was cited during a recent crackdown on fitness enthusiasts who were exercising in the grassy medians along Fourth Street near posh Adelaide Drive.”

I think that there is nothing more idiotic than the sight of health buffs getting all sweaty while adoring the health god. You often see those imbeciles running in the middle of the roads with the requisite ear piece that sets the rhythm of their pace. They obviously never learned to pace properly as children, thus they need the prosthesis of boom-boom noise to stay steady (sorry, I can’t bring myself to call that music). They inhale deeply all the hydrocarbons with great lung efficiency – and then, of course, cough profusely at the sight of a cigarette, and quickly invoke some sick Nazi law to make their neighbours stop enjoying themselves.

But – as I always said – the belief that oppression is a one-way street just does not hold over time.

“In response to homeowners’ complaints, Santa Monica police two months ago started warning those who exercised on the medians that they were violating a 1970 city ordinance. Residents had griped that the affluent neighborhood had been overrun by groups of people who sometimes showed up with exercise benches, balls and boom boxes, creating a sort of outdoor Gold’s Gym.”

Who wants to see noisy, indecent displays of health buffing? Go to the gyms to make a fool of yourselves, instead of doing it in the middles of roads where everybody can see you! Isn’t that what the healthists say when it comes to smokers, that they are an indecent display?… Those deranged people of the California Cult state are disproportionately against smoking and equally prone to “save the planet” fanaticism. Their sanctimony is thick indeed when applied to the sorts of heretics who like to relax with a smoke. Are they as hypocritical as sanctimonious types have always been? Try this: “Residents said joggers also discard water bottles, urinate on people’s plants, occasionally scrawl graffiti and mill about in the narrow, curvy street, creating a hazard for themselves and drivers.”

Come on, guys, think healthist, think “progressive”… they have the right to do that, because they have the "right to be healthy!"…

Now, as a perfect testimonial of hypocritical derangement, try this: “ ‘I was more than a little outraged that as a taxpayer I was no longer able to use public property for exercising,’ says Birch, 62, an online-music-company executive who lives in Santa Monica Canyon."

But why, when health buffs deny smokers the use of public and private property near and wide to smoke? I really would like to hear what they’d say if a smoker should light up on the median while they are doing push-ups: they would immediately claim that he does not have the right to use public property to smoke!

As a reaction of the use of police to take the health nuts away and charge them, we read: “Joe Folender, of Los Angeles, fresh from climbing the wooden stairs, said police should focus on drug dealing across from the parochial school that his friend’s son attends.”

Once again, go after them and not after self-righteous me. Most likely, however, Folender and his ilk would applaud when the police harass smokers for exercising their right to smoke. Again, the bitter taste of the medicine imposed on others is not that good when it’s forced into the mouths of the elite. You see, they don’t think they deserve it as others do since they worship the Master religion of health and fitness!

Put them in jail and throw away the key. Hunt them down to extinction. They are a public nuisance. Zero tolerance!

Better yet, let them make public fools of themselves and let smokers smoke, in peace, and inside too. Each has the right to do with his life what he sees fit.

But, of course, freedom is out of the question for the healthist cult worshipers. Therefore they should enjoy prohibition of their favoured activities and obey – or else!…



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