This piece by Steve Cross at Freedom to Chose asks questions that deserve clear answers. “With the ever increasing news reports on the dangers and deaths from the anti smoking drug Champix we were wondering: why hasn’t there been an outcry? Why hasn’t it been banned?”

“It has been reported today [stored] that Medsafe, the medical control authority in New Zealand, have known for some time that Champix can lead to depression and suicidal tendencies yet that country and many others including here in the UK continue to promote its use.”

The piece closes with another good question: “Why is it acceptable in modern society to bombard the public with health messages about a product that might kill you in 50 years whilst actively promoting a replacement that might kill you in two months?”

We have answers for that one – several in fact.

People have been brainwashed by antitobacco agencies to hate the tobacco industry. At the same time the pharmaceutical industry funds the antitobacco agencies. Ninety-nine percent of those who hate smokers and the tobacco industry do not smoke. Of course they don’t use the smoking cessation junk themselves. If these junk products harm smokers they really do not care.
Antitobacco zealots look at smokers as things to be eradicated. If smokers die in two months hence instead of fifty years hence that suits the agenda well.
Our “public health” overseers perceive death by smoking cessation aid as a “lesser evil" than tobacco and a “noble attempt” by those bastards to make their victims conform to a social norm they themselves have imposed.
Champix is not the first poison fed to smokers. Before Champix there was Zyban, that harmed or killed a huge number of smokers. Zyban is still in circulation. Its use as an antidepressant has been cut back but smokers are encouraged to take it.

The perverted philosophy of the zealots is: it is better to kill 1,000 real smokers today than having 100,000 statistical deaths at the ripe old age of say 75, maybe few months before their statistic ideal death age is due. To the cultists, the 100,000 imaginary "tobacco-related" deaths are as real as the 1,000 actual deaths caused by the products they promote.
"Public health” can always “attribute” the pharma-induced deaths to smoking one way or another, there is plenty of criminal junk science to use to that end, which is available already. In that way they manage to shield the only party they really intend to protect: the interests of an unscrupulous industry with which they are political partners, from which they often depend for money, and by which they are controlled: Big Pharma.

Smokers have to learn to stand up for themselves and resist the “public health” pharmaceutical brainwashing. Newspaper pages should be turned and radios and TV sets should be switched off when there is antismoking advertisement. Smokers have to learn not to listen and not to obey in order to protect themselves. The public must come to understand that contemporary “public health” is controlled by a bunch of sociopaths.

People can decide for themselves whether to smoke or not. Smoking is a habit that can be broken by those who choose to break it. On their own, people have more long-term success with quitting smoking than they do with losing weight, and keeping it off. The smoking cessation products are expensive, ineffective, and in some cases have grave side effects. They belong in the trash bin. So does the antitobacco movement.



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