A trip to the grocery store to buy some beer for a party at the local senior citizens center turned absurd when the 77-year-old purchaser was refused service for not providing proof he was old enough to buy alcohol.

We’re sorry to report that this crazy event occurred in Sweden, a country not known for the health hysteria that defines the English speaking world, especially the United States. We’re sorrier to report that what happened to the lawabiding retiree is not unusual in these days of "zero tolerance." Many outlets, wary of Gestapo-style sting operations, are resorting to requiring proof of age identification for everyone. The practice is a consequence of the Food and Drug Administration’s attempt to regulate tobacco during the Clinton Administration. Regulations from the FDA, written by anti-tobacco operatives, required stores to ID anyone who appeared 28 years of age or less. Although the FDA’s power grab was nullified by the Supreme Court, the pattern was set to treat all adults as though they are children smoking in the boys’ room. As the therapeutic state continues its relentless expansion we can expect more outrages against common sense.



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