The insanity going on in the United Kingdom makes that country a rich target for ridicule. Lest anyone take comfort that his country or city is not as crazed … don’t.
We have a twofer here. We get to poke fun at anti-tobacco mania run amok and also at the pathetic smoker who brings the lunacy to our attention.

At the link below we find a photograph of a tunnel underneath the tracks at an outdoor train station. Passengers, at least for now, can smoke outdoors while waiting for the train but must refrain for the 20 seconds it takes to pass through the tunnel since it is, technically, enclosed. This being Britain the Nazi-style No Smoking symbol is augmented with useless and redundant verbiage.

Accompanying the photo is a message from an acquiescent smoker who merely finds the relentlessness of the prohibitionists a bit overwrought. He is in favor of banning smoking in pubs, of course, since it has "helped me cut down on how much I smoke."

His only beef, so he says, is not being able to smoke at train and air terminals. Certainly that’s a legitimate gripe but once a society coöperates with a scheme to ban smoking on private property why on earth would anyone be chagrined that that zealotry is expanded to include every square inch of the planet?

The first two reader comments to his sheepish rant reveal an understanding of the issue that escapes our self-hating smoker. The first says that the tobacco Nazis rule and too many smokers take it on the chin. The second explains that the point of the superfluous "No Smoking" sign is to punish smokers and make them feel unwelcome and criminal.

The United Kingdom is already ahead of the California Health Reich which pioneered the hate that has found a warm welcome in Britain. Smokers such as this miffed commuter whose votes kept in power a party that wants to control every personal aspect of every citizen’s life must take their country back.

Start by lighting up a cigarette, spit on the No Smoking sign, then walk those eight paces through the tunnel.

Smokers with dignity are now resisting everywhere. Are you?



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