Anyone who thinks the anti-smoking cartel has a goal that is anything less than free admission into our living rooms and bedrooms had better wake up and take a look around. This article, laced with the usual body count and health cost propaganda, makes no bones about where they want to go. The study referenced was commissioned by Pfizer, one of the biggest producers of smoking cessation snake oil including Chantix, a dangerous drug invented to treat a non-existent disease.

According to their survey, if a smoking ban in all private homes were put to a popular vote in Ireland today, it would pass with 57% of the vote.

Imagine, if you will, the smoking police paying a visit to your home and chalking a line in the yard, 20 feet from the outside walls, which would designate where you or your guests can smoke on your "private" property. You’ve got a small yard that doesn’t extend 20 feet from the dwelling in any direction?

"Well that’s too bad. Here, take these pills we bought from Pfizer with your tax money and be aware that some of your neighbors are registered members of SmokeWatch and have been equipped with binoculars and other surveillance tools."

Ridiculous, you say. This could never happen. Ban smoking on private property? Encourage people to snitch on their fellow citizens who dare light up? Perhaps even set up a special hot-line number to call for just this purpose? No way!

Well, here’s a news flash for you. These things are already being done on a regular basis all around the world and your home is a very short leap away from being included.



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