Tired of watching violence, sterile environments, stupidity and movies where smokers smoke outside while being treated like pests and given paternalistic rhetoric? Rediscover wondeful movies from the Healthism-free times this holiday season in the movie section of our Multimedia portal.

We will be off beween today, December 14th and January 6th, 2008, resuming publication the 7th.

As we are taking a "smoke break" to rest and upgrade our portals, you can enjoy wonderful movies while sitting at your computer. You will find them in the Movie section of the Multimedia Portal, complete with a short description.

These movies – thillers, comedy, cartoons, romance, and drama – will warm your heart and bring back memories – if you are old enough to remember, that is; if you are young, you can see how free and relaxed the world was not long ago. You will not see an upsetting "No Smoking" sign in these movies – not because we took them out or selected those that don’t show them, but simply because they were rare: forbidding smoking in normal situations was inconceivable in the era of freedom, and so was condemning drinking or harassing fat people. No safety belts and security signs, and you could board an airplane in the same way you could board a bus, while being able to smoke in both.

So, jump on board our time machine these holidays — and if you like cartoons, you can also watch a perfectly preserved series of Popeye! As you know, Popeye used to be the perfect cartoon for children (and adults too!) – but now, because of trash "health" ideology propaganda, Popeye is restricted, and not even shown by television. Why? You guessed it: he has a pipe in his mouth, and he smokes it! At FORCES nobody prevents you from showing your children what they are missing.

Happy holidays! Here is a list of the new additions:

The Last time I Saw Paris (colour, drama) – With Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson – Our lead character, Charles, returns to Paris to reminisce about the life he led in Paris after it was liberated. He worked on Stars and Stripes when he met Marion and Helen. Great smoking, great acting and, especially, great freedom and no health paranoia. (1954)

Impact (B&W, drama) – With B. Donlevy, E. Raines, C. Coburn, H. Walker – Great movie, great values. Click here for a short review. (1954)

State Department File 649 (colour) – With Virginia Bridge, William Lundigan – Heroic American fights Mongolian bandits in pre-revolutionary China. (1949)

Carnival of Souls (B&W) – With Candace Hillgoss, Sidney Berger – After a traumatic accident, a woman becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival. (1962)

Night of the Living Dead (B&W) – The original superclassic with Duane Jones and Judith O’ Dea. (1968)

Dragnet: Sweet Seventeen (B&W) – Episode (complete with cigarette commercial) from the times when smoking tobacco was a good thing, and smoking marijuana was considered a mind bender. Now mind-bent junk science has flipped reality.

Popeye (B&W) – Customers Wanted (1939)

Popeye (colour) – Fright To The Finish (1954)

Popeye (colour) – Haul In One (1956)

Popeye (B&W) – I’m In The Army Now (1936)

Popeye (colour) – Insect To Injury (1956)

Popeye (B&W) – Little Swee’ Pea (1936)

Popeye (B&W) – Poopdeck Pappy (1940)

Popeye (colourized) – Ali Baba (1937)

Popeye (colour) – Shuteye Popeye (1952)

Popeye (colour) – Spree Lunch (1957)

Popeye (colour) – Taxi Turvy (1954)

Ho-ho-ho! Santa is now tabu for two "important" reasons according to the idiots of "public health": he is fat and he smokes a pipe! Furthermore, he comes down the chimney that produces CO2 and PM10 particles that "cause" disease and global warming! Let’s keep Santa and Christmas and eradicate Healthism and its mental disease!



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