Smokers in N.C. have not liked the smoking ban that was implemented this year. Smoking was only allowed in country clubs but not in private clubs. Several private clubs got together, sued and won! More club owners, who’s clientele are over 21, should band together and sue, smoking should not be just for the rich. Adults can make decisions, and it is time we do. Smoking Ban Up in Smoke in Some Places

GREENVILLE, N.C. – The State Legislature passed a restrictive smoking ban this year. But has that smoking ban gone up in smoke? It has for some places in the East.

Some private club owners in Greenville challenged the ban in court, and won.

It may sound like a lot of "blowing smoke" but you can actually now smoke inside four private clubs in Greenville. Mark Owens says "As far as we know, our four clients are the only private entities or clubs here in this state that can legally allow smoking".

Mark Owens is the Attorney for Club Live, 5th Street Distillery, Club 519 and Mac Billiards.
He challenged the law saying its a question of equal rights

He says "This case was about the application of the law in equal fashion to all parties involved".

So they took their case to the District Court and fought against the smoking citations issued by the Pitt County Health Department. Fast forward almost a year, and they have now won their case.

Owens says "Then there is that opportunity there for you to go somewhere and be able to smoke, that’s your pleasure".

The court ruled the law is unfair because it allows people to smoke in places like country clubs but not in private clubs.

Owens says "It reaffirms the application of law equally to people. Not only the country clubbers, but also the working people who frequent our clients clubs".

Owens also says since the clubs are private and if you don’t want to be around smokers, then don’t go.

It’s clear that this is an issue that won’t go up in a cloud of smoke anytime soon.



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