‘Smoke rebel Hamish Howitt has become the first licensee to be convicted of flouting the smoking ban.’ We have a new hero in the world.

People like Hamish Howitt are rare today – that’s why we have smoking bans. He pleaded guilty of rufusing to compromise his convictions. Laws that don’t respect the right of all do not deserve to be respected.

Of course the opposition plays the same old psycho-tactics: “…the ‘people’ have accepted that, the ‘people’ don’t care… why don’t you just give it up?”. That’s what they told to the blacks and the gays. Even then it was “the law”. But the “law” was broken, and then changed. The mediocre and the loser always go with the flow. It’s easy and it’s not risky – especially not risky.

And talking about mediocrity, here are the words of District Judge Peter Ward to Howitt: "I suggest your campaign has been silly, pointless and misguided. It has achieved nothing. All it seems to have done is cause a great deal of problems for yourself.”

District Judge Peter Ward is a misguided idiot who cannot even distinguish integrity and coherence, so there is little surprise that he cannot respect it. It seems to us that Ward is the peferred prototype of an antismoker.

The answer to him is, once again, the words of Howitt himself: "My political and social conscience will not allow me to change. As long as I have the pub, smoking will continue."

… And we’ll keep on coming, Hamish. We just hope that Judge Peter Ward will come to, so we’ll be able to smoke – right in his face.



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